About The SeedPod Studio

Founded in 1999, The Seed Pod Studio has grown from a small ceramics studio to be a large Arts & Crafts studio focusing on many crafts including; Ceramics, Decoupage, Mixed Media Arts & Mosaics. Our unique combination of a training/workshop environment and our large range of supplies, set in a beautiful garden setting in Broadacres Shopping Centre has allowed us to grow from strength to strength.

We are one of the largest suppliers of ceramic bisque & mosaics in our area, with the widest range of stock available. Ranging from the blank products right down to specialist tools and imported tiles we cater to everyones needs. We are dedicated to increasing the knowledge and use of all arts and crafts as a creative art form.

We are a manufacturing facility of a beautiful range of fragranced candles, from 4.5cm in diameter, to our largest pillar candles which are 10cm in diameter and tower at 40cm tall. Perfect for Weddings, Functions, Events and great for any home

Our hard working team, handcraft the candles using a high quality Egyptian wax that creates a fabulous, translucent glow when they are burning. The slow burning wicks ensure each candles burns for hours on end, so you can get the most out of your candle. Each candle contains 2% of the highest quality natural fragrances, ensuring a good scent throw.

We are a small batch production facility, therefore the colours of each batch can be slightly different.  The colours are vibrant and rich with mesmerizing markings throughout each candles. Its like starring into a universe of millions of galaxies, we create an excellent quality candle and any imperfections are seen as character which should be embraced. But don’t take our word for it – get one and see for yourself.

A 45% – 50% GP can be achieved from this range, while remaining competitively priced

Should you wish to get access to our Wholesale Catalogue, please whatsapp us on 079 892 8271 for access to our online wholesale catalogue. 

We take environmental issues very seriously, as such do not use ANY Palm Wax in our production

Product Benefits: High Quality Egyptian Wax, Long Burning Wicks, Natural Fragrance Oils


We make a range of unique and beautifully hand painted ceramic tableware – browse our catalogue to take a look.


We carry a wide array of tools, grout, adhesives, patterns, books, blanks and other accessories. From our brightly coloured ceramic tiles, right down to our imported travertine and marble mosaics all our products are of the highest quality professional grade. Our Mosaic kits contain everything you’ll need to make beautiful craft projects, they’re easy to use and teach the basic skills required to create beautiful, functional or art pieces.


The Seed Pod Studio supplies a number of mosaic artists and retail stores. If you are a retailer, studio or a mosaic artist and are interested in establishing a wholesale relationship with us, please contact us.